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Hi… I’m Rob.

I’m not a huge fan of writing stuff about me, as I figure this website should be all about you… but here’s the lowdown on me (before we move onto you a bit later on the page!)

I’m 50 years old and I live near Bournemouth (South coast of the UK) with my wife Joyce.

We’ve got 1 daughter and 1 ancient cat. 

Qualifications wise I’ve got the usual array of things you’d expect.

I graduated with my MBA in 2007, have been running a Marketing consultancy for 16 years, and have been awarded a Fellowship of the Chartered Institute of Marketers (FCIM).

But actually those qualifications don’t really matter to me. It’s the results my clients get that mean everything.

And talking about results, you’re probably wondering:

“Is this guy worth me spending any more time and attention on?”


At this point, I could roll out a variety of case studies showing how I’ve added over £124 million to my client’s bottom line, but I’d rather explain how what I do can work for you.

In my experience, businesses are having challenges in at least one of three areas:


✘ Getting a consistent flow of high-quality leads into the business

✘ Converting those leads into paying customers

✘ Getting those customers to buy again


And it’s totally not their fault.

They are bombarded with so much information about what they should be doing that it becomes overwhelming.

They try something to make a difference and it works… for a while… then it stops working and they try the next thing.

This leads to inconsistent results which makes running a business very stressful.

But it shouldn’t have to be this way.

This is where I come in.

When we boil everything down there are usually 1 or 2 very simple things that need tweaking to move from stress to consistent, predictable results.

Here’s an example:

You’ve spent ages creating an advert (could be on Meta, Google, TikTok, TV, or in a Magazine – doesn’t really make a difference).

You launch it….

Nothing… not a sausage… no new leads… tumbleweed.

What’s your instant reaction to this?

I know what mine used to be.

The advert is not working.

Back to the drawing board.

BUT…. and here’s the thing.

The advert might actually be working great.


That’s right – the advert may not be the problem.

The job of an advert ultimately is to get a person to take some sort of action, and more often than not that will be sending them to your website to see what you’re offering (whether that’s a service or a product).

If your ad goes live and you see an uplift in people coming to your website, but no new leads or sales coming in, then you might have a website issue.

Maybe people are struggling to use your site.

Perhaps your “offer” is not getting them to take the desired action.

Or (and this is the kicker that makes this stuff a bit of a pain) you may have an Ad problem, but it may not be obvious what it is.


And that is why it can pay dividends to get a second opinion or just hand over the reigns to someone like me.


I love a bit of DIY. My wife and I have renovated 3 properties from bombshells to really lovely homes over the last 5 years.

And while I can fit a kitchen, lay a floor, and paint a room, I always get professionals in to do the plumbing & electrics.

I believe the same is true for effective lead generation and customer acquisition.

You are an expert in delivering your service or products. It makes sense to get an expert to help get you in front of the right people.


Now I wouldn’t be a decent marketer if I didn’t make you some sort of offer, so here goes!

I love what I do. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I’m helping businesses get leads and grow.

It’s like catnip for me.

So much so that if you are having issues with any aspect of your marketing I’ll happily jump on a call with you totally free.

We’ll run through what you are currently doing, diagnose any issues, and then I’ll give you a solid plan you can implement immediately that will get you results.

Why would I do this?

I believe in providing value upfront. In fact, this is how I’ve ended up working with most of my clients.

So once I’ve diagnosed your issues and given you a plan to fix them I will shamelessly ask you if you want my help to do it!!!

You’ll either say yes, no, or maybe later.

Whatever your answer it will be totally cool by me.

But I guarantee you will get a lot from having the chat with me.

Pop over to the CONNECT page and send me a quick message and we’ll get something booked in.

Almost done now – as a thank you for reading this far, I’d like to give you a potentially game-changing freebie.

Earlier on I gave an example of something not being an advert problem, but possibly a website problem instead.

The question is how can you tell?

There are some very cool technologies out there that give you insight into this, and my current favourite one can be installed on your website totally free.

It’s called “Microsoft Clarity” and you can get it here:

What is does is record everything that people do on your website. You can then play this back and see exactly what problems they might be having and make tweaks and changes to improve things.

It’s totally GDPR compliant and works on every website I’ve come across (it is one of my go-to tools for website use insight).

So.. thank you for reading and if you’d like to have a chat then please GET IN TOUCH.